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Cover: Objects in mirror: the imagination of the American landscape

Objects in mirror: the imagination of the American landscape

Hans Gremmen Ed. (with essays by Raymond Frenken, Rixt Bosma, Hans Gremmen, Harmen Liemburg, Jean Beaudrillard and others)

Paperback | 128 pages | illustrations colour & bw | 14 x 19 cm | English language | ISBN 9789490119157 | Distribution: Idea Books | (out of print) | Publisher Fw: Books, Amsterdam 2012

Two essays by Rixt Bosma:
Tourism, Scenery and Photo Pioneers: The Kolb Brothers' Photo Studio in the Grand Canyon National Park

Behind the Ken Burns Effect: An interview with Ken Burns

about the book:

The road movie Easy Rider, Yellowstone National Park, Route 66, Stephen Shores Uncommon Places or David Lynchs Twin Peaks'; these random names and places immediately fire the imagination. Objects in Mirror shows just how deeply the American landscape has penetrated our daily lives: in films, adverts, books and music. Fact and fiction merge in a landscape that lends itself to being viewed through a frame, be it a car window, a photograph or a television screen. Contributions by Rixt Bosma, Andr Waardenburg, Caroline von Courten, Hans Gremmen, Venturi Scott Brown and associates, Harmen Liemburg, Raymond Frenken and Helmut Smits.


Objects in Mirror The Imagination of the American Landscape
FOTODOK, Utrecht (NL) 11 March - 8 April 2012
Centraal Museum Utrecht